Pepsi vs. Coke

March 5, 2008

This evening while I was sitting down having a chat with my mother and father, I noticed that they were drinking Diet Coke. Personally, I don’t like Coke in general and Diet Coke..well it’s not my cup of tea. I decided to do a bit of searching on which Soda is the “best” brand. I found this video. It’s cute because I favor Pepsi.

I’ve been noticing that more and more restaurants over Prince Edward Island have been switching from Coke to Pepsi. Great move guys! Although, while in Dominican, I didn’t even see one bottle, can, let alone a sign for Pepsi. With that said, while working at the restaurant one night, two couples from the States were in dinning. While taking their drink order, they asked why most restaurants on PEI only serve Pepsi..I found that interesting considering Subway has recently switched from Pepsi to Coke.

According to Wikipedia, Pepsi’s market has drastically shot up compared to Coke. Ah ha! I knew it!

Now that I’ve put more thought into it, it seems that “the baby boomer” generation grew up on Coke which is why they prefer it. Most of my friends and I only drink Pepsi, the other half doesn’t drink pop. I find that when I’m drinking Coke, it feels like my throat is burning away. Terrible feeling. Not only that, it has a terrible taste. Some people feel that they taste the same but each to its own I guess. My mother is an Emergency Nurse and she was telling me that when patients are choking on a piece of meat such as steak, they give the them Coke because it desolves the meat. I found that disturbing…

Personally, the only thing Coke has going for them is their awesome Christmas commercials. Keep up the good work guys!!.


6 Responses to “Pepsi vs. Coke”

  1. davecanvin Says:

    I like Pepsi myself

    funny you say that about the Dominican. I remember when I was in Cuba it was all a domestic brand, but at the convenience stores they sold Pepsi (at a huuuuge markup; for tourists i assume) They also sold Lays chips (a subsidiary of Pepsi) I don’t recall seeing and Coke down there.

  2. wattsy Says:

    Pepsi is my pop of choice as well. Coca Cola just doesn’t cut it for me. This post made me think of the guy who got caught for selling can pop on the island. The guy actually had 815 cases of pop for sale or 9,780 cans. I think it is shame that a story like this made it to the news. Although it is rather funny story, there is a lot of other areas that the Department of Environment should be investigating such as pesticides in streams.

  3. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    That’s really crazy Dave! But I guess that would be similar to Canada and the US in regards to Pepsi and Coke.

  4. Tasia Says:

    I don’t drink pop so I really don’t have a problem with choosing between Pepsi or Coke, haha. I really don’t like the carbonated feeling on my teeth, it makes them feel like they are being dissolved. So when I read that part about the hospital nurses using pop to dissolve the meat, my stomach instantly flip-flopped.

  5. agelliott Says:

    I guess I will be a little different than everyone else, I’m a Coke drinker and would never substitute Pepsi for Coke. I would guess the majority of people who drink one or the other couldn’t tell the difference between them. On a recent trip to Fredericton I ate lunch at a restaurant and I asked for Coke and she brought me Pepsi, When she returned I told her I asked for Coke but she brought me Pepsi. I watched her this time and saw her pour a Coke. As someone who drinks 4-6 Cokes a week I certainly would know the difference. Incidentally, Katelyn, Coke still holds 53% of the market as of 2006. I like the burning taste of Coke as opposed the sweet girly taste you get from Pepsi, sorry Dave and Mitch but let’s call a spade a spade.

  6. tag1983 Says:

    I am personally a Pepsi man myself as well. But while on the topic of PEI and pop I thought I would ask something. Why is it that a lot of companies still won’t carry diet pop? I think it’s time that the Island got with the times a little more. I would personally like to see everyone carry Diet 7-up since it is my pop of choice but I don’t see it happening any time soon. But at least carry Diet Pepsi.


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