Make a cell phone wiretap!!

March 6, 2008


– Cell phone

– Headset (plug-in)

– Cell phone charger

– Secret hiding place

The Setup

1. Go your cell phone “settings,” and switch off the ringer, or enable vibrate profile , and display light options.

2. Plug your headset into your cellphone and go to the settings menu. Change it to “auto-answer, headset on.”

3. Hide the phone in the room you want to with only the headest microphone exposed. Plue the phone itself into the charger.

4. Call your sell phone from a different line to open connection and initiate your espionage mission , you should get clear audio read from whatever happening in your bugged room.

Warning: this is illegal to use!!

Recently, I read this article on one of the magazines and thought of sharing it with the rest of class to show how technology can be abused sometimes.


2 Responses to “Make a cell phone wiretap!!”

  1. Tasia Says:

    I have a feeling this can’t be used with good intentions. But it is still kind of interesting, sounds like something out of a movie.

  2. Dave Says:


    You could just send your phone to class next week. ; )


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