Witness the *Aironic* Chaos!

March 6, 2008

Mac Air

Remember how we were all discussing the new Mac Air when it first came out, and complaining about how the lack of features was particularly concerning? Well here’s what How to Change the World’s blogger’s new Mac Air looks like. Just looking at it makes me think it’s going to spontaneously combust!


5 Responses to “Witness the *Aironic* Chaos!”

  1. Tasia Says:

    Why won’t Apple just make the world easier and create a dock for the laptop?

  2. imrankha Says:

    Seriously I wouldnt know who would buy an Air. Certainly not me – even if it was half the price. That picture sums it all up for me. Laptop I thought was supposed to be for mobility – and now you got to carry a bag full of accessories to hook onto your thin laptop?
    If Apple becomes succesful at selling this ( I guess they would) , then I would say they could make anything look good in the minds of the consumer.

  3. Tasia Says:

    Imran, laptops ARE for mobility…Apple just forgot about that when they created this, haha. Silly Apple.

  4. wattsy Says:

    I definitely think this laptop would be useful to many people, as it is very small and can be carried easily. But, the picture above does not convince me I would want this product as there are so many wires surrounding the back of the laptop haha. It would sort of be funny carrying around a lap top with all those plugs and wires on the back. Sort of reminds me of all the wires surrounding a big screen tv or a desktop computer.

  5. tag1983 Says:

    I’ve been saying this from the first along with many other people that this laptop had a lot of flaws. I personally think that this laptop is just riding the Apple Wave. If this wasn’t an apple laptop then it would have been torn apart from the beginning. Operating system and technological quality aside, I think the whole idea of this laptop is misguided. The thing is it’s great to have a laptop that is extremely mobile, but if we are going to have a super mobile laptop that has limited abilities due to limited ports, drives what have you then I think that is a step backwards not forwards. People want to do more and do it wherever they want. I’m sorry but I’m not a MacBook Air believer. I think that it should have been a little bigger and have more options. If you have to carry around a bag full of add ons then it’s actually less mobile than a competitive laptop with the similar built in features.


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