WordPress:The Next Social Network?

March 8, 2008

As we all are aware, WordPress is a blog publishing website which we(Bus 442) are currently using to post our blogs. According to Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch, Co-founder Matt Mullenweg of WordPress hinted that WordPress may be headed in a new social direction. Mullenweg stated that;

The world doesn’t need another social network, it needs a thousand networks that let you own your data and interconnect using open standards. We invest countless hour giving our data to networks like MySpace, essentially sharecropping on their land for the privilege of being able to connect to our friends. It’s our friends, our time, our connections, our data — it should be our software.

This is similar to the open platforms that have become very popular like Linux that is a free open source operating system that has become very popular and allows people to use, change, and improve the software. Social networks are an important cog in Web 2.0.Latest figures released by Compete show;


As shown in the above, some of the figures are astounding. Fubar one of the newest social networks has grown by 3 million % in one year. Can WordPress compete with heavyweight giants like Facebook and MySpace?  Facebook jumped from 60th to 7th in one year. In this new Web 2.0 age anything is possible. But would  an open source  social network really work. According to Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch says;

It is easy to dismiss this as completely unnecessary given the abundance of social networks already out there, as well as application development platforms like OpenSocial. But an open-source social network does present some intriguing possibilities. New apps and features could be added simply by creating new plugins. And there would be no lock-in to any proprietary code or development environment.

With the success of Linux, I would only think that an open source social network would be just as successful.


One Response to “WordPress:The Next Social Network?”

  1. mellaz Says:

    Tumblr has become more and more like a social network by allowing you to follow create channels as well as follow other users and get updates on what they’ve posted. I prefer tumblr because it’s so simple and uncluttered.

    Facebook before the release of what so called “applications” I loved it was simple and standard. Now I get invites from my friends to become a zombie . etc.

    WordPress could be the new Facebook, but with all the bad parts too. Do not forget, WordPress has an extensive plug-in catalog that would only expand with useless and pointless plugins just like Facebook has expanded with useless and priceless applications.

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