Watch how to cook

March 9, 2008


I noticed this post a few days ago on Guy Kawasaki’s blog, it was called A Lot to Learn From Start Cooking. It is a site that literally shows you how to cook something by showing it using a step-by-step process. I’m a terrible cook so I particularly enjoyed this site. It has a ton of videos showing how to make a bunch of different sort of recipes. It shows you the quantities of each ingredient, tells you what kind of cooking supplies needed, how long it should take to cook/bake and of course it shows you what the final product should look like. This site is very beneficial to those people, such as myself, that are visual learners. Though the videos on the site are quick, you can pause it while you gather your things and follow along. It is also an added bonus to do things at your own pace.

Another awesome feature of this site is that you can view the videos many different ways, through iTunes, RSS readers, TVTonic and you can also receive emails with the new recipes and demos available. 

While I thought this was a great site, it sure isn’t the only one out there. There are millions of other instructional videos on the web. You can pretty much think of anything and there will be a video on how to do it, whether you want to watch it or not is another story. YouTube has some out there, but I find that they are either not of particular good quality, and they are randomly added and inconsistent. It amazes me on how reliant we have become on the web to show us how things are done. In the past it was pretty easy to pick up a cooking book or phone a friend for a recipe for example and now it is just that much easier to look it up on the web instead.



2 Responses to “Watch how to cook”

  1. tag1983 Says:

    The information on the web is virtually endless and more and more people are tapping this resource, but an amazing amount of individuals tend to ignore it. I find it amazing that people will have a dictionary beside a computer, or an encyclopedia, or even better people will get up from a computer to go look up the meaning of a word instead of looking it up. I don’t know if people don’t trust the web, or they just don’t think of it. I personally use it to look up everything, I just got a good recipe for salmon off it the other week, I learned what extra parts I need for my car if I want to change my motor to something newer and bigger this week, and tomorrow I’m going to use it to find out the history of the fishery on Prince Edward Island. The point is that the information is out there, people just have to look, it’s generally much easier than looking it up in books.


  2. sofonyas Says:

    I don’t think it’s that people don’t trust the internet as a source, I think it’s more of a habit that makes people to get up from their computer and go look up a word on the dictionary. I think that’s understandable, because the internet hasn’t been around long enough to become a habit for some people, it just grew so fast that we don’t realize how long it’s been with us.

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