Just One More Thing This Class Has Taught Me

March 10, 2008

I think we have all learned a great deal from this site but the thing is the latest thing that I have learned I should not have had to rely on the blogs to introduce me to.  This thing I’m talking about is the new Ebay desktop.  While this new item is actually from last week, none of the posts really interested me this week.  Some of the posts caught my eye, but the majority are about politics and I’m so sick of politics in the blog entries I just can’t bring myself to read the same thing over and over again.  While the new technologies and mediums of exchange are making a political race completely different than it use to be, and this will change the way everything works, it doesn’t change the fact that As soon as I hear Hillary or Obama my brain instantly starts thinking about something else, and I can’t see past that, so I’ll talk about that information whenever it is used for something other than the political race.

So back to the Ebay desktop that Robert Scoble introduced me to, in this post . I am a bit of an ebay addict due to my car addiction mostly but I have also bought many random items off there as well.  The new desktop seems to be a very useful tool, I downloaded it and if you use Ebay much I suggest that you do as well.  I really enjoy it so far, do I see much of a difference so far as compared to their website? No not really. . . . . . . yet.  I have been playing around with it a bit, and listened to most of the audio tutorial that comes with it.  I like the layout better and it feels more like something i can make my own and personalize over top of the website.  Now that I have song a few praises of the program and Robert Scoble for introducing it to me, I have something to say about Ebay.  WHY DIDN”T I FIND THIS OUT FROM YOU?  I mean this is Ebay’s program and I went back to make sure but there is no mention of this on their site. I have been on a lot lately since I am in need of a few parts for my car and I was quite surprised to see it not mentioned.  I mean if you want to attract users and keep the ones you have wouldn’t you want to let them get their hands on something like this to make their time as a user more enjoyable?  If you are going to put the time and money into developing something why not get it out there.  I just found it slightly odd that it was not mentioned on their website. I mean is a link really that hard to post up with a catchy heading?  So I suggest that if you use Ebay check out the desktop.



3 Responses to “Just One More Thing This Class Has Taught Me”

  1. Alan Lewis Says:

    We will be promoting it on the website soon. Glad you like it!

    Alan Lewis
    Product Manager, eBay Desktop

  2. tag1983 Says:

    What is the initial feedback on the ebay desktop? I find that I liked it at first but I still find myself using the original ebay instead of opening up the desktop. I really like the layout and I have to say good job with that. Is there anything else new planned for ebay or the desktop?


  3. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    Wow!!!!! That’s intense that a product manager from Ebay is reading your blog! What a small internet!!

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