BlackBerry teams up with Puretracks

March 13, 2008

Blackberry has decided to get their own music store for consumers who use there hand held devices. Users will have access to Puretracks online music store. Prices have yet to be disclosed on how much the music will cost, nor how many songs will be available in the Puretracks library.

Is there a market for cell phone companies to let the user download music to their phone? Clearly this is a market for this as companies are making a lot of money of this concept.

First of all, the Blackberry is a handheld device introduced in 1999, that allows the user to send e-mail, text-message, use the internet, and phone people. Research in Motion is the company behind the Blackberry. Research in Motion is one of the leading developers in wireless solutions throughout the world.

Who are Blackberry’s competitors? Blackberry has competitors such as Motorola, Nokia, Cingular, and Apple.

Why would Blackberry want to have an online music store? Blackberry’s other competitors such as Apple are offering these services. Clearly there is a market for this, as the consumer has shown they will download music online.

Research in Motion clearly has a big part of the handheld devices. There latest new product is the BlackBerry Pearl handset, the 8120. The Pearl has a better camera to capture videos and stills. As well voice calls are more clear to here for the consumer.

I personally do not own a Blackberry, but I have thought about owning one in the past. I don’t think I would use it enough to get my moneys worth of the phone. I think the Blackberry would be beneficial for business people who receive a lot of e-mails through work.

Why would Blackberry team up with Puretracks? Puretracks is a Canadian company as Research in Motion is, as well Puretracks is very knowledgeable in dealing with the online music scene.  Puretracks is very similar to the competitor Apple’s iTunes.  It wouldn’t be too hard to transfer over to Puretracks if you are addicted to your Blackberry  – and want to use this particular service.

Mitchell Watts


2 Responses to “BlackBerry teams up with Puretracks”

  1. John Gabrikh Says:

    Canadian online music store, Puretracks, has announced Puretracks Mobile Edition for the BlackBerry. Puretracks Mobile Edition runs on the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve, and BlackBerry 8800 series devices. Good News for BlackBerry lovers..

  2. wattsy Says:

    Thanks for your comment John. Blackberry is defnitely really liked by many people.

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