The Emperor’s New Clothes

March 13, 2008

Well, what a week for politics for our neighbour to the south, more specifically the state of New York. Just 18 months after being sworn in as the Governor of New York, the 27th largest state and the 3rd most populus in the United States, the “Eliot Ness of the 21st Century”, Eliot Spitzer has resigned has a result of his dealings with a prostitute. Under the “Mann Act” which states that it is illegal to knowingly transport women in interstate commerce for purposes of prostitution. Here is the press conference on Wednesday,

What is it with the American politicians and not being able to keep their pants on? We all know about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the 90’s, there was potential Democrat presidential hopeful in 1988 Gary Hart who dropped out of the race due to his extramarital affair with model Donna Rice. I believe he told her not to “wreck my election”, she misunderstood him. The prostitiute that is the centre of this scandal is a 22 year old struggling blues singer, Ashley Alexandra Dupre,aka”Kristen”. She is a callgirl who worked out of the high priced Emperors Club VIP in New York.

The fact that Mr. Spitzer was using the services of a prostitute referred to as the oldest profession known to man, should not shock us. Society as a whole tend to hold entertainers, celebrities and athletes in very high regard and we think that the sun shines out of their you know what. We are very quick to place them on a pedestal and are shocked when they bring about their own demise. We have to learn that everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time and they are falliable like us all. The biggest difference is that they are paid exhorbitant amounts of money and are held in high regard by society. In return for this fame and fortune they give up the right to privacy and are constantly hounded by fans and media just waiting for them to fall. All of this attention, is it really needed?

Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer now will fade into the black and live with the shame of disgracing himself, his constituents and more importantly his family. He was caught on a federal phone tap trying to arrange a meeting with “Kristen”, a $1000 a hour hooker. It is believed he has already paid for$80,000 worth of prostitutes from this call girl service. What made him different from other”johns”. The Mann Act is very seldom used, it has been used to charge celebrities like Charlie Chaplan,Chuck Berry and Charles Manson. The question that remains to be anwered is, Why do people who are held in such regard do these things? Ronald Weitzer, a professor of sociology at George Washington University states that,”They do it and have the money to do it and go to places like this because they assume, given the cost, they will get away with it.” With technology becoming more and more widely used even in the oldest profession, such things as text messaging have made streetwalking or standing on corners outdated.

Now that Mr. Spitzer’s political career has been derailed what does his career hold for him. Who knows? Isn’t it ironic that, Mr Spitzer seems to have been caught out by changes to banking regulations he helped implement that were aimed at increasing surveillance of suspicious money transfers in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Just goes to show you that no one is above the law, even those who have created the law.  Now that he has resigned this reminds me off the Hans Christan Andersen tale, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes” and the claim that he has a new suit that makes him invisible. I bet that Eliot Spitzer wished he one of those suits right about now.



2 Responses to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Your inclusion of Sen. Hart in this context is unfair. He was not even accused of a criminal act — nor was anything proved, despite the unprecedented invasion of privacy. He has continued his long service as an exemplary citizen, proving over and over his brilliance and prescience on national security and other public policy issues. He and his only wife have been married for almost 50 years. Isn’t it time to leave them alone.

  2. mellaz Says:

    David A. Paterson became New York’s 55th Governor on March 17, 2008. In his first address as Governor, Paterson spoke about the challenges New York faces and his plan for New York’s future.

    1985 – Elected to the New York State Senate at age 31, becoming Albany’s youngest Senator at the time.

    2003 – Becomes Minority Leader of the New York State Senate; the first non-white legislative leader in New York’s history.

    2004 – First legally blind person to address the Democratic National Convention.

    2007 – New York’s first African American Lieutenant Governor.

    2008 – First legally blind person to take the Oath of Office as Governor and New York’s first African American Governor.

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