March 16, 2008


Bitstrips is a “create your own comic strips online” site, that does just that. I found it on Jeff Jarvis’ blog about the Zuckerberg/Lacy episode that rocked SXSW. Here’s the bitstrip which basically sums up the fiasco. I was going to make my own bitstrip, but it may would have turned out as dreadful as my infamous Daft Hands impression.


3 Responses to “Bitstrips”

  1. wattsy Says:

    Thats a cool idea for a web-site. First time I have heard of making your own comic strips online. I think it would be hard for anyone to top the Daft Hands impression. I know I couldn’t haha.

  2. David McKenna Says:

    After reading some of the comments on the comic strip I have to agree with what one of the people said. To tell the story of what happened at SXSW most articles needed 1000 words, whereas this told the story in 6 little frames.
    Also, a note on collaboration, one of the commentors also stated that the Mark Zuckerberg character was created by another artist and the author of this comic strip just reused it. Woot collaboration.

  3. Tasia Says:

    haha, I checked around the Bitstrips site for a while after I found the Zuckerberg one and there were lots of funny ones. I attempted to make my own but it didn’t turn out as I would have liked.

    I didn’t know about that other guy creating the Zuckerberg character, very cool.

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