Obama in 30 Seconds..

March 16, 2008

When going through the required reading, I found one on Lessig’s blog that I found to be pretty interesting. It was actually a video entry, with the executive director of Moveon.org announcing a contest. First of all let me start off by saying that this isn’t the first contest that this site has put on. In 2004 there was a contest out to make a 30 sec television ad called Bush in 30 Seconds. It was a contest for filmmakers, writers, Animators, actors, you name it and you were welcome to submit a video, these videos basically mocked President Bush as much as they could in whatever way they saw fit. There were tons of entries and the winning video called “Child’s Pay” was aired nationally on TV and it was one of the most viewed political ads of all time. I was pretty impressed with the video, it didn’t mock Bush in a humorous way, and it was one of those videos that made you think.

Well now Moveon.org is putting on another contest called Obama in 30 Seconds, the only difference between the Bush and the Obama contest is that Moveon.org is in support of Obama so the videos have to be of the supporting nature this time. A panel of celebrity judges selects the winner too, and if you win the contest you get $20,000 for a new camera and what not and of course your commercial gets aired nationally.

This got me thinking about that chapter in Wikinomics on Goldcorp who seeked help from the Internet for help with finding gold in different areas. It seems that a ton of companies are seeking help from their consumers and why not? It is a huge resource for the company to use their consumers because not only is it convenient but it is free. Seeking input from your consumers and having a reward for it is a great way to utilize what is right in front of you, I mean who knows more about a product than the person who buys it. More and more companies are seeking input from their consumers and I think it’s a great way for companies to stay ahead on what their people want and how to give it to them.



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