Basketball Awareness Test

March 18, 2008

This is great.  I’m sure you’ve all already seen it because it was posted by Seth Godin and everyone loves Seth, but just in case you’ve missed it I think everyone should watch this video on awareness.

This is one of those posts that would be better off in the social network that Tasha made, but oh well, it’s on here now anyway.


David McKenna


4 Responses to “Basketball Awareness Test”

  1. Tasia Says:

    lmao…it’s tasia, just had to say it 😛

  2. David McKenna Says:

    Haha, sorry Tasia, My best friend’s name is Natasha and I’m used to saying/typing Tasha.



  3. Tasia Says:

    haha thats okay Dave, it happens allllll the time. Anywhos, that video was pretty funny, I totally didn’t catch the moonwalking bear! I was way to busy counting. Definitely ning network-worthy material!

  4. David McKenna Says:

    When I watched it the second time I started to watch the white players again and almost missed it again. I only caught it walking off the screen. I also showed it to my dad and he missed it too.

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