The Top 10 Couples of Technology

March 26, 2008

I was reading through digg, and I came across an article that was really interesting called The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations. I think this is a very interesting topic, as it covers many types of technology that people use every day.

The tenth most disruptive technology combinations involves DVR’s, and Entertainment on Demand. I really think its cool how you can pause and play live television. Many people are becoming to expect to watch their favourite television shows whenever they want or wherever they want to. I remember when I thought the VCR was one of the best inventions letting you watch and tape movies. Now with the ability to pause live tv, I wonder what will come next in the future.

The ninth disruptive technology involves youtube, cameras, and camcorders. In this article it says “YouTube wouldn’t have reached such heights without cheap digital cameras, camcorders, and cell-phone cameras.” I think that is a valid point as youtube relies on people to upload videos for people to watch them.  Youtube accounts for more than 60% of all video-site traffic which is quite a lot. I really find it cool how people from all over the world can upload videos, and everyone can watch each others videos. I am not to familiar with other online video sharing web-sites. I did some research and found an article from techcrunch called , Online Video Sites: Breeding Like Rabbits. It says that two of the more popular online video sites are:

  • Motionbox – easy to edit and share videos online. You can highlight, tag, and share your favourite video scenes. An interesting feature that I came across was downloading your favourite videos to your iPod.
  • Jumpcut – has many features such as video mashing between users, there a number of transition features as effects, a good tagging feature, allows uploads up 50mb compared to 100 mb of youtube. Videos can be kept private, or can be public.

The eighth disruptive technology is opensource and web-tools. Linux has allowed manufacturing companies to build cheaper machines such as Asus’s Eee PC. I did a post earlier on Linux, and I will consider on using Linux in the future. An interesting point brought up in this section was “things that would have cost $10 million during the bubble can be done for $500,000 today.” This can be compared to many other items that consumers buy. Example – Hybrid cars and dvd players were really expensive when they came out, now they are come down in price a lot.

  1. Here is an interesting article on how Apple apologized to consumers who bought the iPhone at a high Price. After the consumers bought the iPhone at a high price, it dropped in price. Apple did compensate those consumers with an in store credit.

The seventh couple of technology involves MP3’s and Napster. In this article it says that Napster has started a medium distribution for people in peer to peer distribution. A lot of people now think that music should be free since the emergence of sites such as Napster. The MP3 allowed people to upload their songs to their Mp3 player. I like the example in the Daves and Katelyn blogs last week on how Apple might consider offering users the options of downloading so much music for a monthly fee. I think this is a step in the right direction.

The sixth couple is google ads and blogs. Before the internet was created it was cost a lot to be a publisher of a book. Now with the emergence of blogs people can publish many blogs, and share their opinions to many people. The top 50,000 blogs have pulled in ad revenues of $500 million in 2006. Although there have been many great blogs created, there are spam blogs as well. Blogs have created a free way for people to express their opinions.

The fifth couple is cheap storage and portable memory. An example being how cheap flash memory allows people to carry along of songs on their MP3 players. The author says the disruption in this situation is where would we be without cheap portable storage. Many people take it for granted how we can store so many songs on our iPods.

The fourth involves cloud computing and always on devices. Cloud computing is an alternative to having local servers or personal devices handling users applications. What are some examples of companies who use cloud computing?

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • IBM

The third couple is broadband and wireless networks. Broadband has being a huge factor in the creation of many video and music Web sites, and Wi-Fi is bringing the internet to everyday household appliances such as stereos. I am still using dial-up internet at home, and it isn’t too fast at all, 44kbps. We can’t get high-speed internet through Aliant yet.  I found an interesting article on how Google is going to offer an extremely fast broadband connection at data transmission speeds of billions of bits a second.

The second couple is the web and the graphical browser. The author has made a really good point in this section. “Before 1993, however, the Internet as we think of it today was a loose collection of protocols, networks, and tools built by university geeks.” As well he mentions the internet is just another piece of the puzzle. Meaning that there is much more to be added to the puzzle in future technology.

The first couple is cell phones and wireless internet access. I really like the point being made about how we are all reachable 24/7 with cell phones and wireless internet.  More and more phones are becoming internet friendly such as the G-Phone, and iPhone.   It makes sense how cell phones and wireless internet access are number 1, because of all the people who use these services around the world.

Heres an interesting video I on found on youtube regarding how the FBI can hear you talking even if your cell phone is turned off.


= Couple

Mitchell Watts


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