Microsoft Should Worried About Firefox 3 !!!

March 27, 2008

I was going through techCrunch blog and I found this article interesting Mozilla Discusses Firefox 3 and Microsoft’s Public Embrace of Open Standards?

In the history of internet browser, Netscape came out first and then Microsoft but Microsoft figured it out to do same thing what Netscape have done. Microsoft even came out with better browser and cheaper. Having a browser of its own meant nothing without marketing, though. Microsoft‘s first move was to make Explorer freely available to anyone, unlike Netscape, which still charged a modest sum for the use of its browser. Then came Firefox which is a free, fast open-source, multi-platform, extensible Web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It has excellent support for Web standards, using the Gecko rendering (or layout) engine.

Now Firefox and Internet Explorer are the two main competitor. Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7 begin their battle for the hearts and minds of the Web browsing public. There is like nose-to-nose competition and neither is going to give an inch while there are a few other contenders went out fromthe competition. Check this out for Browser Wars: The Saga Continues.

Nowadays, most of the PC users are Internet Explorer base but Firefox also getting popular day by day. There is a big number of fan of Firefox, around 160 million people who now use the Firefox. That’s big number of people and Microsoft must have noticed that. Most interestingly, it is relatively small company compare to Microsoft where 150 people puts out more elegant web browser than Microsoft. For instance, there’s still no IE support of next-generation Java script.

This figure illustrates that that Firefox users are more likely to be better-educated or are seeking to be better educated. Specifically, a far greater proportion of Firefox users than Internet Explorer users visited sites in the education category (78 percent vs. 56 percent), sites that sell books (60 percent vs. 34 percent), as well as sites in the directories/resources (reference) category (70 percent vs. 46 percent).

Recently CEO of Firefox John Lilly invited a group of bloggers to company’s Mountain view. Firefox 3, which has been in development for three years
and has been slated for release in the first half of this year in June or sooner. Firefox also working on Firefox Beta 4 and Beta 5. Firefox 3 is meant to carry forward the motto of keeping the internet “open and participatory”. It will support 50 languages, unlike IE7, which was released with support for only one. About 50% of the extensions developed for Firefox currently work with Firefox 3, with further compatibility expected to accelerate in May.

In addition, Firefox included more security such as new anti-malware techniques which will prevent users from visitors sites that might infect their computers with malicious programs. That’s why I think Firefox has come out of nowhere and taken 17 to 28 percent of market share and increasing day by day. Based on that analysis I think Microsoft should worried about Firefox 3. What you guys think?



2 Responses to “Microsoft Should Worried About Firefox 3 !!!”

  1. Nathaniel Says:

    I think they should be worried… hehe. And it’s good for Microsoft to have an incentive.

  2. mellaz Says:

    IE sucks when I worked with Bell Sympatico I always recommended firefox to our clients. I preformed over 100 winsock regfixs to resolve browsing issues with IE. Since I started using Firefox my computer never caught a worm or a single pop-up. Thank you Firefox and Microsoft should find a way to uninstall IE from Windows.

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