Countdown to iPhone 2.0

March 30, 2008

Apple is planing on having an increase  in sales for the iPhone 2.0.  Analyists are suggesting that sales of 8 million units for the iPhone are overestimated.  “Every additional million beyond their projection translates to about $400 million in added sales and 12 cents per share – or 2% – more in profit.” It will be interesting to see what the total sales of the iPhone 2.0 are.  Hopefully the price will be a little more affordable to the consumer.  I know I wouldn’t want to pay a few hundred dollars for a cell phone.

 Mitchell Watts


4 Responses to “Countdown to iPhone 2.0”

  1. mellaz Says:

    The 3 new features that would make the device more attractive to users:

    Safari: choose where links open

    When you select a link on a web page, a small menu appears with two options: Open here or Open as new page. But, I wouldn’t have this appear by default because it might confuse new iPhone owners who aren’t used to mobile web browsing yet. So, I’d add an option to the Safari section of the iPhone settings that allows an iPhone owner to turn on the menu if she or he so desires.

    Calendar: maps/directions integration

    The Calendar application should recognize a phone number or street address, just as Safari recognizes a phone number on a web page and offers to call it when a user selects it. When creating a calendar entry, there should be fields for a phone number or street address. While viewing a calendar entry, an iPhone owner can select the phone number and the iPhone will offer to dial it, or select the address and the Maps application will launch to display the location and provide directions.

    Mail: Archive option for Gmail accounts

    When I check email using the iPhone Mail application, I’ll often respond to messages, but I still have to access Gmail through a standard web browser to archive messages I’m finished with. When an iPhone owner sets up the mail application to work with a Gmail account, an option to archive messages should be added to the toolbar at the bottom of the message screen.

  2. wattsy Says:

    thanks for your comment Z, It will be interesting to see all the features on the iPhone when it comes out. The three features you listed sound very beneficial to have on the iPhone. For me personally I don’t use my cell phone to go on the internet, but I can see how the safari and mail features would be very beneficial to many business people.

  3. mellaz Says:

    A friend of mine who works for OLS (iPhone CS) is not looking forward for the iPhone 2.0 release. There will be a number of non-supported software.

  4. davecanvin Says:

    I think Push Email integrated with Microsoft Exchange is absolutely necessary so they can compete with RIM in the corporate market

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