Goodbye TorrentSpy

March 30, 2008


TorrentSpy has been shut down permanently by it’s own owner. A note on the home page of TorrentSpy’s Web site said it is shutting down “not due to any court order or agreement,” but because of a team decision.

TorrentSpy has spent the past two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars “defending the rights of our users and ourselves” in a legal climate that was “hostile” to torrent files, according to the note, which is attributed to the TorrentSpy team.

In 2006, the largest Hollywood film studios accused TorrentSpy in a lawsuit of encouraging movie piracy. A federal judge ordered the company last June to provide the studios with user information found in its computer RAM.

TorrentSpy was a search engine that helped visitors find torrent files on the Web. Torrent files are often music or movie files stored in an easily shared file format. The search engine came under legal fire from the entertainment industry, which in general does not want licensed content to be distributed free.

In December, the judge in the case found that TorrentSpy operators intentionally destroyed evidence in the case, making it impossible for the Motion Picture Association of America to get a fair trial. They had earlier been fined $30,000 for violations of discovery orders and were warned of severe sanctions if they continued to ignore the orders. The site lost its case because the court ruled it had tampered with evidence.

Goodbye TorrentSpy!!


3 Responses to “Goodbye TorrentSpy”

  1. Katelyn Murnaghan Says:

    That’s pretty crazy but I guess things like this are going to continue to happen..

  2. romizuddin Says:

    I think it is just a waste of time and resources to stop something which can not be stooped. it is kind of unstoppable because invention of internet where users can always share their contents even though it is legal or not.

  3. jblaquiere Says:

    That’s too bad. I used to use torrentspy all the time, but I’ve recently been using a new website called Torrent Pond. You’re able to check many different torrent webpages at the same time. Its great.

    Thinking about TorrentSpy’s termination, made me think that it might be just as well. When I stopped using the website it was due to the many popups that came up when navigating through the website. Also, their database seemed to be getting worse and worse as time went on.

    I wonder if other’s will follow suit?

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