Consumers will be able to purchase the first major update to Microsoft Windows Vista OS starting on Wednesday, March 19th if Internet retailer is to be believed. Amazon’s Web site shows that both the full and upgrade versions of Vista SP1 are currently available for pre-order and will ship on March 19th.
Microsoft recently made Vista SP1 available to some developers and commercial users as a download from its business Web site, but the software has not been widely available to date.

It’s expected that a number of retailers in addition to Amazon will start offering Vista SP1 this week. Microsoft will also likely make it available as a public download in the coming days. The download version is free to users already running a licensed copy of Vista.

Vista SP1 contains a number of features designed to enhance the OS speed, performance, and stability. Among other things, it offers a patch that will allow users to run the BitLocker encryption tool on multiple hard drives. It also improves the speed at which the OS wakes up from “hibernate” mode.

SP1 will also remove from Vista the “Kill Switch” — a feature that deactivated key components of the OS if Microsoft detected users were not running a properly licensed copy of Vista. The feature was plagued by false alarms that flagged thousands of legitimate Vista users as software pirates.

Vista SP1 itself isn’t without problems, however. Microsoft has yet to finish ensuring that the service pack will work properly with the thousands of models of keyboards, printers, mice, and other peripheral devices commonly attached to personal computers.

The problem is that Vista SP1 won’t install some device drivers correctly. Microsoft says the issue is confined to “a small number” of drivers and that it’s working on the problem.

Microsoft is hoping that Windows Vista SP1 will quell some of the disappointment that greeted the operating system’s initial rollout early last year. Many corporate and home users complained about its resource requirements and lack of compatibility with existing applications.

Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1
Price: $299.99


Pepsi Giveaways

January 18, 2008

So while scrolling Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail, I found something which caught my eye. And yes, it has to do with music. Honestly, I can’t help it! I’m trying to get help…Anyway, apparently Pepsi is going to launch what the company’s deeming “the largest promotion [they’ve] ever done”. Basically the article summarizes that for the next PepsiStuff giveaway campaign (starting February 1st), purchasers will be able to gain points with each Pepsi product purchased which can be added toward getting clothes, electronics, DVDs, CDs, and MP3s from Amazon’s music catalog. This sounds pretty cool!


I couldn’t help but connect this article with another I had just skimmed from Seth Godin. I started wondering if perhaps this new giveaway campaign is a bit of a gimmick, for both the highly competitive beverage provider, Pepsi, and Amazon’s music catalog; a new addition to the popular website most likely to compete with Apple’s iTunes.  Will this cause problems for iTunes? They already have other problems to worry about from Napster.

What does everyone think about this new campaign? Do you see this Pepsi campaign as another gimmick? Or will the joint venture turn profitable results for the two companies? Is everyone excited about getting “free music” while drinking their Pepsi products?  I am!


Maybe Pepsi should try sticking a Pepsi can to the top of a car for advertisement.