Final Post!

April 6, 2008

Well guys, it’s been a fun course, but I’m afraid that this will probably be my last post. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve kinda become depressed when I read my RSS feed and realize that I don’t have to post on anything I read.

Therefore…… I’ve decided to make my own personal blog (woot, my first link!).  I’ll probably never write on it (like Dave), but I think it’s good to have one anyway. Here’s the link if anyone is interested, but it’s mostly just personal stuff, as apposed to being interesting like what we’ve talked about in class.

It’s been a good class and I hope everyone continues using what we’ve learned.


David McKenna


While I was going through everyones posts here on BUS442, I noticed someone had posted about the website Rate My Prof..I had never heard about this site so to be honest, it took my interest. As every student would do, I decided to look up ratings on my past and present profs. Well…some of the comments were just plain old mean but in all, I found that it was an interesting website. Just like Facebook or MSN (which isn’t a website but somewhat goes along with this post) it connects people together. I realize that it is a “no-face” connection between these people but it is a connection more or less. I felt that it could come in handy next semester as the posts seemed to be fairy insync with one another.

A website like this makes me wonder “what will they think of next?”. Personally, I would never have the courage (or guts..either one works) to be able to rate a prof whether it be good or bad. With that said, would it be unethical for profs to create a website called “Rate Your Student”?..maybe it has already been done? What about in relation to business. Is there a website that rates your employer? So many questions!

 Anyway, what I want to get at is..when you post a comment or a rate for a prof, can anyone see who you are and will it come back a bite people in the … back? Personally, I feel that this is a way of well..burning the bridge behind you and you never know…one day they may be able to find out who posted a rating…

-Kate 🙂