I was reading Jeff Jarvis blog and came across with this article “lover your customer”. Customers are the livelihood of every business. Every business must have to spend a significant amount of time and effort maintaining customer satisfaction. Surveys suggest that service-driven companies are able to charge up to 9% more for the goods and services they offer and grow twice as fast as the average. These are powerful incentives for becoming the best customer-service company in any industry.

A customer doesn’t care about you they just want to get best product and services because of they are paying for it. The only thing that customers know is that when you walk through their door, they want to be taken care of. So if you don’t take care of that customer, even though he/she isn’t buying anything from you, he/she will never get to the point of being a major customer. You have to treat everyone equally. So your objective must be to provide the highest standard of Customer Care possible for both good and worst customer.

Jeff Jarvis had a column in Business Week’s customer-service issue arguing that customers who complain about you are doing you a great favor.

Here’s some free advice: Go to Google, enter any of your company’s brands followed by the word “sucks,” and you will see the true consumers’ reports. Brace yourself, for it won’t be pretty. Wal-Mart’s unofficial Google Sucks Index turns up 165,000 results; Disney 530,000; Google 767,000. What’s yours?

There are many reason customer can leave you such as:

  • They felt your pricing was too high or unfair.
  • They had an unresolved complaint.
  • They took a competitors offer.
  • Most importantly they left because they felt you didn’t care.

So, the bottom line is that one of the key components in marketing and business growth is to spend the majority of your time and effort development customer relationships, so that you can increase your business from existing customers. This is a strategy that will move you forward in increasing your sales and business.