Hey everyone,

I apologize for polluting our course blog with spam, but I’m doing a teMaximus whey protein packagest for my marketing class and I don’t know where else I can post a blog entry. I’m doing a test to see if Google Alerts will find the words “Fortius Pharmedica” and “Maximus Whey Protein” and send it to my Gmail account. I’ll either update everyone in class or write a post about what I find.

Sorry for corrupting our class blog.

David McKenna


Hey everyone,

Again, sorry for the unneeded spam on our class blog, but I’d like to pass on the success of my experiment.

I was wondering how our blog was being monitored on the web, even through our blog is relatively insignificant, and the web is so massive. Along my travels, I found that Google has two applications that will do this, Google Web Alerts and Google Blog Search.

For Google Web Alerts, you can choose to get e-mails sent to your account once a day, once a week, or the instant that your keywords/phrases are mentioned on the internet. I chose the instantly it happens, and was disappointed to discover that it took about a day for an email to be sent to my account.

Since I signed up for web alerts, I’ve received 3 emails from them that deal with my keywords/phrases. In each email, there are multiple times that the actual keyword is shown to have been used on the web, but only 4 have been relevant to my search. Even so, this is terrific results, because without it, I would never have even known that the company had been mentioned at all.

Another good thing is that I discovered that there is another company, called MaximusSport, that produces 100% Whey Protein, so I get all of their updates as well. Maybe the company could comment on these articles in support of their own product.

I’m very excited about this discovery, one because it will improve my marketing presentation, but mainly because of the power of using this new-found tool. When/if I start my own business, I know this will be a tool I use to monitor my reputation online and hopefully improve it and promote my product online.

Again, sorry for the unnecessary spam, but I think it turned out well worth it for the whole class.


David McKenna


Basketball Awareness Test

March 18, 2008

This is great.  I’m sure you’ve all already seen it because it was posted by Seth Godin and everyone loves Seth, but just in case you’ve missed it I think everyone should watch this video on awareness.

This is one of those posts that would be better off in the social network that Tasha made, but oh well, it’s on here now anyway.


David McKenna

Seth Godin

January 8, 2008

Seth GodinSeth Godin is a leading marketing expert. He’s the author of a number of mind-shifting books on marketing and is an authority on “Marketing 2.0.” Not everything Seth writes will be of interest to the class (this is likely true of all the sources). However, he posts often and most are thought provoking and should get you thinking about some issues. As an example, yesterday he posted 14 New Rules that the music business must follow to survive and thrive. To add Seth’s feed to your Google Reader, go to his blog and click on the “Subscribe” button down the left hand side.