I’ve been thinking about the video we watched last Monday about identity and realized how scary something like identity theft can be. Not only that, it’s scary having someone know your identity who you don’t know knowing your middle name, last name, date of birth, where you live and so on. You never know whose on the other end.

As I sat down to think, I remembered when the MSN craze began during my time in Junior High. My parents were always worried about us (the kids) using it because they didn’t know who we were talking to. They didn’t realize that it wasn’t your ordinary chat room. You’re able to decide who you talk to, who would see you online, who you could block, and so on. I couldn’t understand why they were so worried until I grew up a little bit. So now I’m wondering what people can do with your identity besides stalk you and whatnot. Not that that’s not scary enough…

I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the antiphising toolbar which you can use in your Hotmail account (I use this as an example as it’s the only one I use). I have received numerous emails about not paying for an item on Ebay. First of all, I don’t have an Ebay account. But, if I did and thought that it was a real email from Ebay and decided to log in, then my password and user name has automatically been “stollen”. I can only imagine having a Credit Card number stollen..

A good example is as follows: “Research by Harris Interactive and Gartner in the summer of 2003 found that approximately 7 million people were victims of identity theft in the previous year” The sad thing is, is that this has probably increased dramatically since 2002. With that said, according to Identity Theft Resource Centre, victims end up spending 600 hours recovering from the crime as they have to contact people and work with credit cards, banks, credit bureaus, and law enforcement. This can add up to $16,000 in lost wages an income!!! That’s basically a new Toyota Corolla!!

After reading this, I now understand why my parents were so cautious about us  using programs such as MSN. Forget about stalking, you never know what can happen to you if “unknown” people know too much..


Three digital business models are that could change the online world of advertising. A three digital scheme is essentially free to do whatever it wants. It can charge prices to one side and the other side in whichever proportion, whichever ratio it estimates fit. Three possibility digital models are Advertiser-Supported Advertising, Advertiser-Subsidized Devices, and Just-in-Time Advertising. I think these three digital business models will take hold over the next four to five years.

I like the idea of Advertiser-Supported Advertising. If we look at online industry, it’s been already existed. Most of the companies are increasingly launching their own content platforms. For an example Budweiser, they have launched BudTV. I think till now the most effective Advertise-supported advertising is Google’sAd by Google”.

In addition, is consumer loves advertising? MSN ad shows the relationship between the advertiser and the consumer:

This ad is very nicely done all around with a solid script and casting. This video not only just talked about advertising executives but also shows wider audiences of marketing manager. I think in this video shows on three thing such as support, complain, and to offer suggestion or express thankfulness. At the end, it is an indication that consumers are becoming more demanding.

Customers are very intense in competitive business environment. A customer has always options to switch to competitors that offer lower prices or better offers to gain market share. Check this article details on how to attract and keep customer: IBM New Digital Media Solutions Answer Challenge to Attract Customers, Increase Sales. I think every business have to be creative (i.e, R&D department) and come out something new and attractive to keep customer. So to survive such in competitive environment, a company has to come out with a tangible difference to its customers. Now days most of the organizations are accomplish their goal by introducing information and software technology (STR) at the center of their creative process.

Finally, is “free” a business model or a tactic? Josh Kopelman of Redeye VC notes the penny gap. Fred Wilson has written on In Defense of Free in 2005: “free is a great way to make money. You just have to know how you are going to get paid for being free.” The fundamental idea of every business has always remained same: create something of value for people who will pay for it. So there is nothing free it’s just a business tactic. Free business model depend on additional services beyond the core offering. If we look at the Last.fm, it’s actually encouraging for paid subscribers with better internet radio. Same idea goes with Skype where internet calls are free but you have to pay for landline connection. Now the best way to generate money is Web 2.0 economy.

So, after the internet evolution, do you think “free” is still a business model?


While I was going through everyones posts here on BUS442, I noticed someone had posted about the website Rate My Prof..I had never heard about this site so to be honest, it took my interest. As every student would do, I decided to look up ratings on my past and present profs. Well…some of the comments were just plain old mean but in all, I found that it was an interesting website. Just like Facebook or MSN (which isn’t a website but somewhat goes along with this post) it connects people together. I realize that it is a “no-face” connection between these people but it is a connection more or less. I felt that it could come in handy next semester as the posts seemed to be fairy insync with one another.

A website like this makes me wonder “what will they think of next?”. Personally, I would never have the courage (or guts..either one works) to be able to rate a prof whether it be good or bad. With that said, would it be unethical for profs to create a website called “Rate Your Student”?..maybe it has already been done? What about in relation to business. Is there a website that rates your employer? So many questions!

 Anyway, what I want to get at is..when you post a comment or a rate for a prof, can anyone see who you are and will it come back a bite people in the … back? Personally, I feel that this is a way of well..burning the bridge behind you and you never know…one day they may be able to find out who posted a rating…

-Kate 🙂