Pepsi vs. Coke

March 5, 2008

This evening while I was sitting down having a chat with my mother and father, I noticed that they were drinking Diet Coke. Personally, I don’t like Coke in general and Diet Coke..well it’s not my cup of tea. I decided to do a bit of searching on which Soda is the “best” brand. I found this video. It’s cute because I favor Pepsi.

I’ve been noticing that more and more restaurants over Prince Edward Island have been switching from Coke to Pepsi. Great move guys! Although, while in Dominican, I didn’t even see one bottle, can, let alone a sign for Pepsi. With that said, while working at the restaurant one night, two couples from the States were in dinning. While taking their drink order, they asked why most restaurants on PEI only serve Pepsi..I found that interesting considering Subway has recently switched from Pepsi to Coke.

According to Wikipedia, Pepsi’s market has drastically shot up compared to Coke. Ah ha! I knew it!

Now that I’ve put more thought into it, it seems that “the baby boomer” generation grew up on Coke which is why they prefer it. Most of my friends and I only drink Pepsi, the other half doesn’t drink pop. I find that when I’m drinking Coke, it feels like my throat is burning away. Terrible feeling. Not only that, it has a terrible taste. Some people feel that they taste the same but each to its own I guess. My mother is an Emergency Nurse and she was telling me that when patients are choking on a piece of meat such as steak, they give the them Coke because it desolves the meat. I found that disturbing…

Personally, the only thing Coke has going for them is their awesome Christmas commercials. Keep up the good work guys!!.


Pepsi Giveaways

January 18, 2008

So while scrolling Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail, I found something which caught my eye. And yes, it has to do with music. Honestly, I can’t help it! I’m trying to get help…Anyway, apparently Pepsi is going to launch what the company’s deeming “the largest promotion [they’ve] ever done”. Basically the article summarizes that for the next PepsiStuff giveaway campaign (starting February 1st), purchasers will be able to gain points with each Pepsi product purchased which can be added toward getting clothes, electronics, DVDs, CDs, and MP3s from Amazon’s music catalog. This sounds pretty cool!


I couldn’t help but connect this article with another I had just skimmed from Seth Godin. I started wondering if perhaps this new giveaway campaign is a bit of a gimmick, for both the highly competitive beverage provider, Pepsi, and Amazon’s music catalog; a new addition to the popular website most likely to compete with Apple’s iTunes.  Will this cause problems for iTunes? They already have other problems to worry about from Napster.

What does everyone think about this new campaign? Do you see this Pepsi campaign as another gimmick? Or will the joint venture turn profitable results for the two companies? Is everyone excited about getting “free music” while drinking their Pepsi products?  I am!


Maybe Pepsi should try sticking a Pepsi can to the top of a car for advertisement.