Why Young Voters Care Again

February 14, 2008

To start this off, I don’t follow politics at all and to be honest, I don’t vote either. I’ve noticed that a lot of the blogs have to do with politics and the election that is coming up in the States. My parents subscribe to Times magazines and occassionally I will pick it up and read some articles that are of interest to me. On the cover of February 11th, 2008, the heading read “Why young voters care again”. It grabbed my attention so I read through it.

My friends and I don’t follow politics, especially in the United States. Because of this, we don’t vote or anything along those lines. While reading through this article, I noticed that a lot of students (in the states) felt that their votes wouldn’t count and that they couldn’t make a difference. A lot of them felt that their country was going on the wrong track and possibly still could be. They felt trapped having Bush for two terms and are looking for a great impact on the country. Statistics in Time magazine show that students find Barack Obama to be the most inspirational and that if the caucus were held in their state today that they would vote for him. I found this fairly interesting as I don’t know anything about him. I thought that I would get some ideas from my family and cousins. They feel that Barack Obama would be the best suited for this “job”. Once again, interesting.

I think that it’s great that students are finally getting involved and trying to make a difference in this world. It definetely needs to be done. Unfortunately for politics, I think that I will continue to sit back on the side lines and watch to see what happens. Hopefully if students can and do make a difference, we will see something – other than war – being done to the States and our own country.

-Kate 🙂


Yes We Can

February 4, 2008

I was flipping through my google reader when I came across a Post by Jeff Jarvis talking about a music video by will.i.am.  I don’t follow US politics AT ALL, however if I was american I would probably go for Obama.  Maybe this is why I enjoyed this music video. I dunno.But It made me think.  What a great marketing tool.  Music is great to listen to and to have stars like Scarlett Johansson, Jesse Dylan etc…Speeches are usually boring (I find), but putting it in a way that sounds good made me listen to the whole thing.  Could this be a new way for people running for president/prime minister to attract the masses?I don’t think that this mode would be very popular in canada. Not that our artists wouldn’t be this creative, but because most of our politicians are stuffy.  Just try to picture a music video for Harper, or Dion.  Doesn’t really fit.  Maybe this worked so well because Obama has always had some kind of an upper hand on internet publicity (the hot Obama Girl).If politicians focused their efforts on generation Yers, maybe more of this type of publicity would be more popular.  –Jerry 

Since I’ve added Techcrunch on my RSS Reader I’ve read a lot about politics, which I’m not overly interested in, but I was interested in how Mike Arrington from Techcrunch asked each presidential candidate 10 key questions in technology, and posted the results online. After these questions were posted, they than asked the online community to do a poll on which candidate will do the most for technology.

The 10 questions were dealing with net neutrality, internet privacy, mobile spectrum rules, the digital divide, education (in technology), internet and taxes, immigration and H1B visas, intellectual property, China, and renewable energy.Mike Gravel

I’m actually really impressed with some of the answers that the candidates gave. If I was asked some of these questions I don’t know what I would say about questions like internet and taxes (the internet has taxes?), the digital divide (the what?), and mobile spectrum rules (something to do with phones I’m assuming). I can’t imagine what these presidential candidates, such as Mike Gravel, could possibly know about the digital age and technology (mainly because Mike Gravel looks like he’s my grandfathers great, great grandfather).

The outcome of the poll can be seen here, which was taken from December 18th to January 28th. On the democratic side Barack Obama was way ahead with 60% of the votes and on the republican side Ron Paul was way ahead with 73%. I think because these two candidates are leading in the technology sector they will gain a lot of votes that the non-computer savvy candidates won’t have.

If anyone wants to view the questions and answers here are Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich’s answers.

I was wondering if Canadians politicians use the internet much during elections, and if they do, who are the prominent leaders in this area. Like I said, politics don’t really concern me much so I have no idea.

Thats all for now.


David McKenna