Digg Users Up In Arms

March 10, 2008

The past two years have been fairly active with regards to the purchasing of popular websites. There have been rumors about Yahoo buying Facebook, talks of Microsoft buying Yahoo, and Microsoft buying Digg (although everyone is denying it).

In Mike Arrington’s post, he talks about how Digg’s users are going nuts over this “Potential Acquisition”.

Could it be possible that the masses could stop a website from being purchased? Many of the comments regarding Digg’s “Potential Acquisition”, threatened that they would simply leave the website if it was to be purchased by Microsoft. Which leads to a question. What if it was another company buying Digg? Would that raise as much of an outcry from the masses if it had been Apple to purchase Digg? From many of the comments from the users of Digg, many of which dislike Microsoft greatly.

This could just be the most perfect “story” to get those Digg members that dislike Microsoft to be able to feed off each other’s anger in a combined effort to stop the acquisition from taking place. Neither party has come out to confirm whether the two companies are talking about a transaction, but the rumors are so thick, that it could very well be true.

Could it be that they want to keep it a secret because there has been so much uproar over Microsoft buying Digg?

Power of the People. Its amazing that outcrys from users could stop a transaction from taking place.


Facebook and Identity Fraud

February 9, 2008

Facebook continues to have problems.  Michael Arrington posted about a Moroccan man who created a facebook profile of a Moroccan King’s brother.  This is not new.  A couple months ago a lot of NHL players (especially Mike Fisher) were having problems with people creating facebook profiles of them and impersonating them. Many people say that it is what comes with being a celeb.  Others say that stars should stay away from having facebook profiles etc… that could be easily impersonated. It is, a type of identity fraud, and could be very damaging to those being impersonated.  But how do you stop this?  You can’t.  People just have to realize that stars wouldn’t make it that easy for people to hound them with questions.  That’s why many have unlisted phone numbers, and don’t tell people where they live.So.  If you find a celebrity on facebook, chances are it isn’t them. –Jerry