Here are a number of links to resources you may find helpful when researching for your final assignment.


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The Long Tail

Social Networking

When you find a good resource (e.g. a blog) be sure to check out links to other blogs and resources (the blogroll).

As I find links that may be of interest, I will post them to using BUS442 as a tag. I will also add the following tags as appropriate: socialnetworking, tagging, longtail, and copyright.



Some Stats on this Blog

February 25, 2008

I am busy trying to catch up with reading all of the posts and getting some mid-term grades and feedback to all of you. As I’ve been going through everything I have to say that I am really impressed. The quality of the posts continues to increase, including your growing use of links, images, and video.

I thought you would all be interested to know the following.

  • Total Views: 3,557
  • Total Posts: 127
  • Total Comments: 330

The blog has also started to get a few links from the outside. Most notably, the Guardian picked up on Katelyn’s post, Withering Newspapers, which was also picked up by an Island blogger.

Great job everyone! I’m really impressed.


Hey folks. I mentioned in class that the template we’re using doesn’t display the author’s name on posts. So could you all please make sure you sign your posts at the bottom. This will give everyone a quick way of knowing who wrote them. Thanks.

Dave Hyndman

delicious.jpg I see a few of you have signed up with out of curiosity. This is great.

Let’s make it official and see what we discover. I would like everyone to go to and sign up for an account. From then on, start posting to anything you think would be of interest to the class. Tag them in whatever way you see fit, but at a minimum add the tag “bus442.”

To make posting to easier, I suggest you install the bookmarklet in your browser.

So that everyone can see what people are bookmarking, please add the RSS feed for posts tagged “bus442” please add the following feed to your RSS subscriptions: feed://

Finally, if you scroll down the sidebar on our site, you’ll see a section that highlights the “bus442” bookmarks.

Hi folks:

I’ve received a few emails asking some questions about assignments, expectations, etc. so I thought I should clarify.

1) please login to WordPress and complete your profile. First name, last name, nickname, “display name as”, add a picture, IM accounts if you have AIM, Yahoo or Jabber/Gtalk. Also, please copy and paste your “About Me” post into the “About the User” profile.

2) Write your “About Me” post. Please categorize it as “About Us” and tag it with the phrase “about me” and “your name”. So far I have posts from David, Dave, Z, Nancy, Imran, Mitch, and Jerry. For these 7 posts, I have gone in and categorized as “About Us”. We’re missing 6 About Me posts.

3) Ensure you are subscribed to the Required Reading list. I have been posting these in individual posts (categorized as “Required Reading”). So far there are 7 feeds, including the two (posts and comments) for our blog. I will continue to add to the list as we go on. Please let me know if you are having trouble ading these feeds. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you have them.

4) Write your weekly post using the feeds as topics and ideas. Remember, you can post on an individual story or a theme you’re seeing through the week. Please categorize these posts as “student posts.” So far we only have two posts: one from Mitch and one from Jerry.

5) Read Wikinomics, intro and chapter 1. Please come prepared for a detailed conversation on this. I need your participation in class to make this work. Come with at least one well-considered comment or observation and one good question (and bring more if you have them).

I think that’s it. Email me with questions. See you Monday.

Course outline

January 8, 2008

For those of you who may want it in electronic form, here is a copy of the course outline.