Google Docs Rocks!

February 14, 2008

google docs logo

Google is now offering another application to its already impressive legacy: Google Documents; a free online version of a web-based word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet application. The most valuable feature of it is users can collaborate with other users they select to share the documents with.  Meaning one document can be edited by multiple users.

I kept reading about this topic, and when I read what Seth Godin had to say I finally decided to write my post about it. I consider Google Docs a useful application, and we actually put it to use for our chapter presentation (which was stormed out). Since we had difficulty getting together to complete our slide presentation, with the crazy weather we’ve been getting, Dave C suggested to complete our slide presentation using Google Documents. Although we had some troubles getting started (deciding whether to use student accounts or accounts) we eventually finished the presentation. So it proved to be very useful in our situation. And this system can be used with lots of other examples in mind, like writing a book or collecting survey information.


There is some speculation regarding the application, since the information placed in the documents are saved on Google’s servers. Also, there are limitations to the amount of storage each user has available. But these problems will most likely improve in the future.  There is also a great deal of good commentary from product users. For anyone who wishes to check it out for themselves, here’s a Google Docs Tour Link. I can see this application being used a lot in Business schools. It sure made our group project a lot easier. And perhaps with the topic covered in this week’s Wikinomics chapter, maybe future sharing and collaborating of scientific journals and articles will be created using similar processor applications.



6 Responses to “Google Docs Rocks!”

  1. wattsy Says:

    good post, I have never heard of this application until I read this. It sounds like a very useful tool to use. I think it would be very beneficial to use this because of the ability to being able to access and edit your written documents from anywheres around the world. This would be convenient for business travelers.

  2. davecanvin Says:

    My original plan was to use Google Apps Team Edition which was just released, and it really simplifies everything. It uses any domain’s email (i.e. and has a Google Chat integrated right into it and other features like that. Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t get the email authentication to work during the sign up process.

    I’ve used Google Docs alot in the past 2 years. It was really beneficial last year during group finance cases, as we could all work on the same spreadsheet with real time updates. It made it really easy to collaborate.

    The new team edition as Google calls it is really slick, I am just disappointed we couldn’t get it to work.

  3. romizuddin Says:

    I really like the google docs. It allows us to create any presentation or document as well as we can share it with others by inviting them. It’s been long time that I am using gamil account but I have never noticed it before.

  4. Tasia Says:

    It really is too bad that we couldn’t get the Google team edition to work; the instant chat would have simplified the process too. I wish my finance group would have known about Google’s spreadsheets last year. We somehow managed to survive using 4 laptops and then always integrating our spreadsheets into one and finally emailing an attachment to everyone in our group after it was complete. This online application would have made it much easier! Google Docs must not have a lot of advertising either, I had heard a little about it, but didn’t know exactly what it did, or why it was different than the usual word-processor. I do now!

  5. mellaz Says:

    Google docs is great tool to use when you work on a project in a virtual team or with a group of students.

    The workforce at any company should be using it to share work schedules with their staff. I find it easy to setup and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

  6. Balaji Says:

    It is, you can also try GetBuzzWord from Adobe.

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